Prescriptive Analytics

How to use AI to maximize your sales

Optimize your commercial effectiveness by learning from hidden patterns in your data

How AI can improve your commercial effectiveness?

Kaizen uses machine learning to discover successful patterns hidden inside your data to tune optimal F2F frequency, eDetailing & multichannel mix.

  • Personalized Activity planKaizen is the ONLY AI solution for pharma that maximizes incremental sales by suggesting a personalized activity plan for each account & HCP specialty.

  • Prescriptive AIFor any territory of your commercial organization, AI Advisor delivers recommendations to improve commercial performance.

Efficient allocation of commercial activities

Prescription Analytics shows the recommended commercial activity type for each target audience to capture growth opportunities.

  • Estimated Sales Increase vs. Feasibility (Next 6M)

  • Suggested F2F Call by Spec Target (Next 6M)

  • Suggested Remote Activities by Spec Target (Next 6M)

  • Suggested Event Attendees by Spec Target (Next 6M)

  • Personalized activity plan for each target audience and account/brick

  • Level and type of effort needed to obtain a higher impact (F2F, eDetailing, eCourses, email engagement & events)

Focus the efforts on where to expect the highest return

The feasibility to reach the growth opportunities may be significantly different across geographies & target audiences. So that activity adjustments need to be prioritized.

High impact
Medium impact
Low impact
  • Accurate guidance on what needs to be done and what can be expected

  • AI Advisor learns from successful patterns hidden in your data to estimate the effort needed and the expected sales increase.

Explainable AI

Understand WHY the recommendations are given

How are AI recommendations calibrated?

We obtain fact-based best practices through the weighted average of successful accounts with similar business status (Potential, Market Share, Patient Index).

For eDetailing to Intensivist the model recommends a frequency of 0.9

Evolution Index > = 100
Evolution Index < 100
  • Estimated Sales Increase vs. Feasibility (Next 6M)

  • Suggested F2F Call by Spec Target (Next 6M)

Also, it benchmarks the recommendation against accounts with same business status with a similar effort

“Kaizen allows us to use just one tool with all the information, covering the needs of the analytic departments and sales force.”

Eduardo Mateo | BMS Analyst

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