Field Force Insights

Empower your Field Force

Provide your team with key data to understand challenges and act accordingly

Identify Growth Opportunities

Identify hidden sales growth opportunities & high potential territories at risk and know where to focus your efforts to attain sales targets.

Colour coded guidanceLearn how well each territory is performing by simply looking at the colour assigned to each area.
Performance/Business AnalyticsUnderstand how the business is doing in different territories and on different levels from National to Hospital/Brick.

Smart Diagnostics

The sales team gets in one screenshot performances, opportunities, risks & warnings of each territory or account prioritized by market potential.

Detect with smart business diagnosticsWhy some territories are not attaining targets, analyse competitors sales & team execution.
Provides Reliable Actionable Business Insight on the GoBusiness decisions don't have to wait until you get back to the office, take decisions anywhere.

Optimize Resource Allocation

Design fact-based action plans and focus resources and efforts to where the real business opportunities are.

  • Design fact-based action plansDetect underperforming territories using the colour-coded guidance.
  • Detect actual effort vs market potentialAllocate resources and efforts to where the real business opportunities are.
  • Measure growth opportunityIdentify & compare the unique growth opportunity of each account, territory or hospital.
  • Identify WHERE & HOW BIG issues areMarket potential and performance are easily detected by assigned size and colour.

“Kaizen allows us to use just one tool with all the information, covering the needs of the analytic departments and sales force.”

Eduardo Mateo | BMS Analyst

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