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Customer success - Bristol-Myers Squibb deployment

Tuesday, 08 Nov 2016

Kaizen allows us to use just one tool with all the information, covering the needs of the analytic departments and sales force.

Eduardo Mateo
BMS Analyst

What was the problem that BMS wanted to fix?

All pharmaceutical companies have all the information necessary for analyzing and making decisions, but normally, the information is in different tools or departments. 

They also tend to use two approaches:

  • Highly analytic tools (difficult to use by the sales force)
  • Files, Excel, PDF, PowerPoint, etc., which limit the analytical capacity.

What were the tangible benefits after implementation?

Kaizen allows us to use just one tool with all the information, which allows us to solve two problems:

  • Analysis of the complete information for analytic departments
  • Territory management for the field force

How was the implementation, and what has been the response from the sales force?

For us, MapGenia, with its previous dashboard version for Pharma, was at the time a great improvement, and the move toward Kaizen was a qualitative leap, with a highly visual and easy-to-use tool.

The change wasn’t traumatic, though with all changes there were losses and gains, looking at the outcome, we have gained a lot and additionally, Kaizen continues to improve day after day.

As with all new tools, the sales force needs to adapt to a new way of seeing things and managing information, but after that initial impact, it has become an indispensable day to day tool (as they have told me), and the fact that they are requesting improvements/changes implies that it is being used and that they want to get the most out of it.

As an additional but no less important point, it is the rapid response of the Kaizen support team to any problem and their suggestions for improvement. 

Other companies, once they have sold their product, they forget about customer satisfaction, also they find it difficult to concede to suggestions that imply changes in their roadmap, that is not the case with Kaizen. 

It is the reason why we have been using it for almost 15 years and why I now think so highly of Kaizen.

Eduardo Mateo

BI Analyst · Bristol-Myers Squibb

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